Eu tava fazendo uma pesquisa dos DLC do CoH 2 (pq eu nunca entendi eles direito) e, depois de pesquisar um pouco, cheguei nessa conclusao (em ingles, pq eu postei no reddit):

The Western Front Armies (Bundle -
- Oberkommando West (
* New Army
- US Forces (
* New Army

Southern Fronts (
* Challenges
* AI Battles

Victory at Stalingrad (
* Co-Op Missions
* AI battles

The British Forces (
* New Army


Company of Heroes 2 - Ardennes Assault (
* New single player scenario with 18 missions
* No new Multiplayer

Company of Heroes 2 - Ardennes Assault: Fox Company Rangers (
* Rangers squad for Ardennes Assault (Singleplayer Only?)


Oberkommando West was, by itself, in the "Sega Bundle" by Humble Bundle:

Oberkommand West, US Forces and Ardennes Assault were in the "Relic Entertainment" Humble Weekly Bundle at different tiers:

4 Skin Packs for units/Extra commanders/"Intel" items were in the "E3 Digital Ticket BUndle" by Humble Bundle:

Regular Company of Heroes 1 and it's expansions have been in multiple bundles throughout the years.

Agora nao esqueco mais.